by juicyfrog

as the frog was concocting the pond’s new top of the top, it was kind of blessed again by KCRW, a radio founded in santa monica in 1945, which broadcasts today also on the net. every weekday, the Morning becomes eclectic show hosted by Jason Bentley presents live, filmed performances, and it happened quite a few times that the show invited bands that the pond really enjoys.

mid-november, the invitation went to Low.


Low released this year on Sub Pop Ones and Sixes, their eleventh album since their formation in 1993. the frog always observed Low’s music half-heartedly, for some unknown stupid reason and probably because of a genuine ignorance.
and yet, it happened last september that i was in some shop with my dear sire and heading to the record department, when my heart was pierced by a wave of emotions that almost made me cry. a level rated 9.5 on the frog’s melancholy scale set off an alarm that made the frog’s voice silent for a certain period of time, causing the incomprehension of the toad who was watching me with amused eyes.

the very cause of this mild heart attach was Gentle, the opening track of Ones and Sixes. despite my weeping eyes, i managed to recognise on the screen Low’s new album, a simple but beautiful cover representing a very handsome naked tree. after a little while, i also managed to tell the toad that the angel voice that scattered in the air was Mimi Parker’s. as the first guitar notes of No Comprende started, a violent emotional shockwave knocked me down. twenty minutes later or so, the sire had taken the frog out of the den of iniquity, with the naked tree under the arm.

Low is an indie rock from minnesota composed of the fantastic Alan Sparhawk (guitar/vocals), Mimi Parker (drums/vocals) and Steve Garrington (bass guitar). their music is made of slow tempos, gentle moving guitars (among other instruments) and chilling vocals provided by Mimi (over-chilling emotions originating Mimi and Alan’s shared vocals).

a dear frog of mine and i had the great chance to see Low in concert in the pond, two weeks only after discovering the album. one of the most beautiful concerts i saw in my whole life, by the way. a magical and aerial mix of grace, beauty and astounding electricity provided by two magnificent guitar players and noteworthy voices. two hours of pure emotions and love.

no voice, no murmuring, no noise, nothing shattered the magic of their performance, the only sign from the audience being thunderous moving applauses. i had read in various articles that Low’s concerts were an impressive and unique experience. and they are indeed. the present session at KCRW shows the same (almost religious) atmosphere as during Low’s concert in Lido. even the interview conducted by Jason Bentley seems to travel into a bubble of harmony and peaceful happiness. you have no idea how lucky you are if you don’t know Low yet. i truly wish you experience the very same intense emotions as i did, so to access this paradise, all you have to do is to click on the following picture.


The Innocents
What Part Of Me
Into You
No Comprende
Spanish Translation>
Point Of Disgust