Month: January, 2016

Nothing vs. New Order

Nothing, an amazing shoegaze, post-metal band from philadelphia which excellent first album Guilty of Everything belonged to our top of the top 2014, announced last december the release of  Tired of Tomorrow, a new album expected during spring 2016 via Relapse Records and revealed at the same time a very handsome cover of New Order‘s Leave me Alone.

taken from New Order’s second album Power, Corruption & Lies, the 1983 original already offered very polished, superb guitar/bass lines.

and Nothing’s tribute is as noisy as we could have expected.



Mike & The Melvins

when The Melvins pair with Mike Kunka (godheadSilo), you may expect Three Men and a Baby. the forthcoming album is expected on 1st April via Sub Pop.

top of the top: 2015

2015 was for the pond a lovely noisy year, mostly focused on guitars but also high-fever emotions. never again the frog felt such a frenzy at approaching a record shop, showing clear evidence, indeed, of no-return addiction. the greatest milestones of the year are now listed here for you and we are very happy to share such an incredible and brilliant selection. a click on each picture or link will provide you with either the entire streaming of the said album/song or an alternative concert version. thank you for your interest in the music we try to promote, and we look forward to discovering and sharing further more jewels in 2016.


our favourite albums

1. Low, Ones and Sixes
our very record of the year, Ones and Sixes is a quintessential album that combines the tenderness, the beauty and the electrifying powerfulness provided by Low’s meaningful music.

2. Maïak, A Very Pleasant Way To Die
our favourite post-rock album of the year –full of bite, refreshing, cinematic, mind-blowing.

3. Jamie XX, In Colour
a good-mood, blissful record, because Jamie XX is an amazing talented composer and DJ who knows perfectly how beats can sublimate a certain kind of melancholy.

4. Die Nerven, Out
a third album with eloquent lyrics, spiteful bass and guitars, a pure exhilarating wonder.

5. Girl Band, Holding Hands With Jamie
so much fevering energy put into a record, fantastic, brilliant, loud, tortured.

6. A Place To Bury Strangers, Transfixiation
the gentlemen of noise. better served fortissimo, with(out) ear plugs. an outstanding album. and still Oliver Ackerman’s voice.

7. Oiseaux-Tempête, Ütopiya?
a substantial, outstanding album where anger and melancholy fuse with grandeur.

8. Sleaford Mods, Key Markets
amazing spoken words and trenchant lyrics, first-class bass, simply supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

9. Aucan, Stelle Fisse
again a tour de force for Aucan that prove their ingenuity and appetite for unknown landscapes. genuinely mesmerizing.

10. Maserati, Rehumanizer
another major monolithic space rock and krautrock knockout for Maserati.
once again, an essential album.


among the best songs
these are the very thrilling songs of the year.


best concerts
Spain @ Privatclub, march
Low @ Lido, october
Panda Bear @ Berghain, march
James Wellburn @ KW, october


the killing surprise of the year
Paul Weller is a genuine master, the frog is very thankful to its sibling.


best newcomers
Land Of Nubia is a fantastic, very talented atmospheric progressive rock trio from canada. very promising.


best album artwork
Ütopiya? by Oiseaux-Tempête featuring a cover photograph by Yusuf Sevinçli, inside photographs by Frédéric D. Oberland and an artwork by Moutain / Another Sub Rosa Production

the cherry on the cake
Justin Small’s weekly treat.


magna cum laude
an immense, indispensable band, especially their last album released in 2014 Equal / Opposite.


Stelle Fisse


after the release of the lukewarm EP1 in 2014, a 4-track-mix of superb terror and darkness (Riots), happy-go-lucky dance (Rise of the Serpent, featuring Otto von Shirach) and joyous threat (Loud Cloud), Aucan kept their fans in suspense via all possible social media before announcing in 2015 the birth of Stelle Fisse on Kowloon Records –a new album that redefines (again) the sphere of musical influence of the band. if it had been admitted for long that the perceptible math-rock influences of their eponymous first album were ancient history, we still hadn’t expected Aucan to undergo such a massive mutation and turn a definitive page to the killing, brilliant Black Rainbow.

with Stelle Fisse, Aucan slide deeper in arid waters with hypnotic, dark sounds. by using both instruments and vocodering voices, and nebulous layers of effects, the band decided to embrace dehumanized patterns and dice with cold, minimalist sounds derived from dub and techno (amazing ErrorsCosmic Dub, Friends, among others). this new orientation toward a tortured, out-of-reach IDM may be disheartening, but it shows again how Aucan are reluctant to be pigeon-holed and to repeat themselves. and the disorientation is only transient. through a panic-like synthesiser and nervous, threatening beats, Disto reminds a little of Aucan’s ‘sound’ –with the exception of some hand-clapping, which actually convey some unexpected, emotional warmth to the song.

so Aucan don’t need to shout anymore to tell their rage or discontentment. no more riots, but a clear electronic singularity, deprived of human emotions. once again a different blast, but a superb one. (4/5)