Stelle Fisse

by juicyfrog


after the release of the lukewarm EP1 in 2014, a 4-track-mix of superb terror and darkness (Riots), happy-go-lucky dance (Rise of the Serpent, featuring Otto von Shirach) and joyous threat (Loud Cloud), Aucan kept their fans in suspense via all possible social media before announcing in 2015 the birth of Stelle Fisse on Kowloon Records –a new album that redefines (again) the sphere of musical influence of the band. if it had been admitted for long that the perceptible math-rock influences of their eponymous first album were ancient history, we still hadn’t expected Aucan to undergo such a massive mutation and turn a definitive page to the killing, brilliant Black Rainbow.

with Stelle Fisse, Aucan slide deeper in arid waters with hypnotic, dark sounds. by using both instruments and vocodering voices, and nebulous layers of effects, the band decided to embrace dehumanized patterns and dice with cold, minimalist sounds derived from dub and techno (amazing ErrorsCosmic Dub, Friends, among others). this new orientation toward a tortured, out-of-reach IDM may be disheartening, but it shows again how Aucan are reluctant to be pigeon-holed and to repeat themselves. and the disorientation is only transient. through a panic-like synthesiser and nervous, threatening beats, Disto reminds a little of Aucan’s ‘sound’ –with the exception of some hand-clapping, which actually convey some unexpected, emotional warmth to the song.

so Aucan don’t need to shout anymore to tell their rage or discontentment. no more riots, but a clear electronic singularity, deprived of human emotions. once again a different blast, but a superb one. (4/5)