by juicyfrog


three years after the faultless and phenomenal The Echo Show, Yeti Lane will release in march L’Aurore [the Dawn], a new record expected (with much impatience) on Sonic Cathedral and Clapping Music. inspired by 80’s psychedelic synthesisers and shoegazing, dark droning guitars, Yeti Lane rose from Cyann & Ben ashes –a talented  post-rock and dream-pop quartet from france in the 2000’s.

taking their name from Yeti by Amon Düül II and Penny Lane by The Beatles, Yeti Lane consist now of Ben Pleng (vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards, analog synthesizers) and Charlie Boyer (drums & percussions, analog synthesizers and keyboards, laptop and loops). their music spreads a slight palpable spleen mostly due to Ben’s tender and moving voice. but far from praising sorrow or melancholia, Yeti Lane’s records are pure wonders of psychedelic and cosmic harrow, in which frenzy synthesisers twin with biting, feverish guitars.

L’Aurore shows already signs of a very enjoyable darkness, even darker than the previous aforementioned nugget, as the first titles suggest. the tracklisting also reveals that this new album will contain songs with french lyrics, a première for the band.

1. Délicat
2. Good Word’s Gone
3. Acide Amer
4. Liquide
5. L’Aurore
6. Crystal Sky
7. Exquis
8. Ne Dis Rien

but nevermind the language. the band has already released in january Good Word’s Gone, a first fiery appetizer that has whetted our greedy appetite.


and today, the 9th volume of La Souterraine (a series of compilations introducing under-exposed french musicians) unveiled Acide Amer, a second blazing, very promising title.