Month: April, 2016

Maïak at Urgence Disk

since Maïak didn’t have the chance to head to the pond to celebrate their first exhilarating album A Very Pleasant Way To Die, we are happy to share with you a short uptake of their performance directed at Urgence Disk Records last night, where the band commemorated the release of the vinyl version of the album. thrilling, isn’t it?


Mood Trials

oh, the tigers again. another track from Papier Tigre’s forthcoming The Screw, expected by the end of the month. Mood Trials unfastens with a biting bass line sublimed by raging lyrics and a touch of electronic vibes that, in the end, convey some fake bird-like grace to the track. if you need to explode, this is your very chance to do it in splendour.

Gizehcast #27


founded in 2004 by Richard Knox, Gizeh Records is a fantastic independent label based in Manchester (UK) that focuses on ambient, alternative, experimental music projects, be they electronic or modern-classical.

home, among others, of Farewell Poetry (another fantastic project by Oiseaux-Tempête’s Frédéric D. Oberland), Last Harbour (a magnificent melancholic and cinematic band) and Shield Patterns (a heady dark pop, electronica band), Gizeh Records have no care for genres or pigeon-holes, but simply the noise of harmony and the harmony of noise, and the inspiration and spirit of the people who are making that noise.

the label releases very elegant CDs, tapes and LPs adorned with beautiful artworks, and publishes every month the Gizehcast, a sublime sampler featuring both musicians from its roaster and other bands in the same vein. each month sees a new occasion to discover a varied number of bands, alongside bands from the label.

the 27th edition opens gently with a song by the amazing Cult Of Luna and shows a few nuggets such as Marnie Stern‘s The Crippled Jazzer and Set Fire To Flames‘ Wild Dogs Of The Thunderbolt/’they Can Not Lock Me Up… I Am Eternally Free…  this month, our favourite discovery goes to Hundred Year Old man, a doom, post metal band from Leeds that greatly deserves our undivided attention.

we are happy to share this new superb compilation with you and would like here to thank Ghizeh Records warmly. you may subscribe to the whole Gizehcast series for free in iTunes.