Ricardo Donoso ~ Quintessence

by juicyfrog

a closer listen

QuintessenceRicardo Donoso has established a sublime symbiotic relationship with Denovali.  After the success of Saravá Exu and Machine to Machine, the label rewarded his talent with a compilation of early works and a remix set.  Now the artist has returned with an ambitious EP.  Quintessence is the glass representation of a HUGE installation from Florence To:  a dome containing 157 speakers, comprising a 39.4 channel surround sound system.  And while this exposes the paucity of most home systems (four channels at best), there is a way to get around the dilemma:  play the music really loud.

An industrial influence is clearly felt, as it was on prior albums.  But on Quintessence, the crunchy beats and aggressive drones feed into a larger system.  The set is meant to be viewed as a single organism rather than a series of tracks.  The center cell is the most active, but even…

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