Month: October, 2016


mysterious projects are always a thrilling experience, especially when they pair with music.

tomorrow, on the 31st october, MULL of OA will release their first album Rainy Days Friends Bring Me The Horizon on IMANCE.

as we got shaken by the amazing disquieting piano line and fineness of Chaos Lilla/Caol Ila, we got in touch with MULL of OA to know a little more about them. in this specific case, “them” refer to an intimate encounter. an unexpected rendez-vous between a (wo)man and a piano, on a scottish island called islay. a stroke of good fortune in a disused, deconsecrated church close to lagavulin, where a (wo)man met up with a piano, which beautiful, inspiring sound convinced him/her to found MULL of OA, name of the wild and tempestuous western tip of the island.  MULL of OA tells us that she/he first chased the visitors out of the church before recording improvised pieces, improvised moments of intimacy of a new-born musician. an unsuspected one-(wo)man band born last summer while travelling on this piece of land.

as his/her fingers skate on the piano keys for the first time, MULL of OA had no idea that it would give rise to a musical project. without pretending being a pianist, the fingers started to improvise, inspired by the intrinsic qualities of the piano. playing the piano’s valuable, but also imperfect, notes — playing this piano, and not any other one. MULL of OA points it out: “I have played on other pianos since then, and, for the moment, I haven’t found any other instrument with any comparable endearing nature”.

uncertain of the follow-up of the project, MULL of OA is however ready to release new improvisation albums to show listeners how the (wo)man is willing to change as she/he learns the piano further. “Yes, it a genuine project. I started to take piano lessons as I came back from Scotland.”

so, just before the official release of Rainy Days Friends Bring Me The Horizon, we are happy to introduce you to MULL of OA’s captivating music. the video of Chaos Lilla/Caol Ila, which offers a terrific mysterious echo to the piece, was created by Rodolphe Cobetto-Caravanes and Baptiste Sibony.

an authentic masterwork, both musically and visually.


Oiseaux-Tempête’s forthcoming album

our favourite birds are currently working on a new album recorded for the most part in beirut, with the collaboration of Mondkopf’s Paul Régimbeau, along with G.W. Sok, Karkhana’s Sharif Sehnaoui and Mendelson’s Sylvain Joasson, among others. expected in march 2017 on Sub Rosa, their third opus was announced by this inviting teaser directed by Grégoire Orio & Grégoire Couvert (As Human Pattern).

Régimbeau will also contribute to the anticipated concert at Saint Merry Church that Oiseaux-Tempête have in the pipeline in november. the evening will provide the lucky attendants with a rich variety of inspiring compositions, thanks to the support of Karkhana and Moshé O’Grady.


Cloud Nothings: Life Without Sound

yeahh, Cloud Nothings‘ forthcoming album Life Without Sound will power up the winter on january 27th, 2017. Chris Brown (lead guitar) joins the forces on the fifth album of the band founded by Dylan Baldi  (guitar, lead vocals), with TJ Duke (bass, backing vocals) and Jayson Gerycz (drums).

Modern Act is the first single taken from Cloud Nothings’ new album, expected on Carpark Records.


the thrilling noise-rock band from cleveland, ohio, will be in town in 2017 to present the follow-up of the highly acclaimed predecessor 2014’s Here and Nowhere Else. the complete schedule can be found here:

October 14th – Greenville, SC – Fall for Greenville Fest
November 12th – Santa Ana, CA – Outpost Festival
November 14th – Oakland, CA – Starline Social Club
November 16th – Los Angeles, CA – Hi Hat
January 26th – Cleveland, OH – Beachland ballroom
January 27th – Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
January 28th – Montreal, QC – Fairmount Theatre
January 30th – Philadelphia, PA – Union Transfer
January 31st – Boston, MA – Paradise
February 1st – New York, NY – Webster Hall
February 3rd – Baltimore, MD – Ottobar
February 10th – Chicago, IL – Thalia Hall
March 1st – Copenhagen, DK – Loppen
March 2nd – Malmo, SE – Babel
March 3rd – Stockholm, SE – Debaser Strand
March 5th – Oslo, NO – Parkteatret
March 6th – Hamburg, DE – Knust
March 7th – Berlin, DE – Bi Nuu
March 8th – Munich, DE – Kranhalle
March 9th – Cologne, DE – Luxor
March 11th – Amsterdam, NL – Paradiso
March 12th – Brussels, BE – Botanique
March 14th – Paris, FR – Petit Bain
March 16th – Bristol, UK – Thekla
March 17th – Glasgow, UK – Stereo
March 18th – Manchester, UK – Deaf Institute
March 19th – Leeds, UK – Brudenell Social Club
March 21st – London, UK – Koko
March 22nd – Birmingham, UK – The Hare & Hounds
March 23rd – Brighton, UK – The Haunt

pg.lost: view from the inside

discovering the studio of a band, gaining a real insight, is not an everyday thing. admiring a few superb posters on a room walls, representing Ghost or Khoma for instance, and enjoying two amazing songs, this is the gorgeous tv-program prepared today by pg.lost who present Off The Beaten Path and Ikaros live from their studio, taken from their latest album Versus.

an almost 15-minute reverie, in company of hooting, rough guitars, but also sirens vocals, an indisputable energy charger, definitely more enjoyable than a tedious box of vitamins.

pg.lost will join forces with Mono and Alcest, on the occasion of their forthcoming co-headlining european tour. here is the entire schedule.

Papier Tigre’s Mood Trials

we don’t know whether you ever had the idea to observe a drummer upside down, but Papier Tigre did!

the video directed by Julien Courquin explores Pierre-Antoine Parois inside out with Mood Trials, a delicious track taken from Papier Tigre’s last album released in april on Murailles Record.

the unfamous heptad

as worn-out tree leaves pirouette in the air, trumpeting in honour of the most sublime, melancholic season of the year, the pond lays in a stock of new music intended to keep you warm, and enjoy both the autumn and the slow glissade towards winter.

the unfamous heptad compiles a-twenty-or-so songs that disperse temperamental drops of emotions, and offer variations of non-fake sensations. as usual, you will possibly discover quiet and meditative songs, such as the beautiful opening by Loscil, the electronic/ambient music project of Scott Morgan, drummer of Destroyer, whose new album Monument Builders is expected on Kranky in november.

the piano is also on the agenda of this new sampler, with a very beautiful song by Rival Consoles, taken from his forthcoming HOWL expected on Erased Tapes, which is introduced by enchanting piano notes reminiscent of Pyramid Song, rejoined quickly by Rival Consoles’ warm and wholehearted sound. this dreamy song offers an excellent resonance to another piece situated a bit further on the sampler, the delicate Abysse by Janek Sprachta, a berliner composer and instrumentalist. more experimental, London-based singer-songwriter and pianist Douglas Dare is about to release Aforger on Erased Tapes too – a second album composed with both a brass ensemble and a choir. if Oh Father‘s sound also captivates you, make sure to attend Douglas Dare’s concert at Berghain on 10th october.

among the habitués of the pond, Saåad, Sunn O))), Mono and Frédéric D. Oberland, and also a remarkable 17-minutes improvisation by Oiseaux-Tempête, will take you off to a fantastic stargazing journey toward the most quivering heavens that encourages a genuine journey to the moon.

to this purpose, it may be appropriate to follow Franz Kirmann‘s side project Hotel International, and his very heady version of James Holden’s Chromatics, which is part of the bum skaking section of the sampler. Fujiya & Miyagi will extend the said whirling effect with Outstripping, the first track from EP2 which comes from the second limited edition 12″ of a 3 EP set, expected on Impossible Objects Of Desire at the end of the month. and Jay Daniel’s Knowledge Of Selfie will for sure persuade you to follow the rhythm of his bombastic song and buzzing bass, taken from his forthcoming album Broken Knowz expected in november via Ninja Tune’s Technicolour imprint.

the very contemplative half of the sampler shows also our regular appetite for biting and raging tunes, with the excellent shoegazing Ulrika Spacek (who are currently touring to promote The Album Paranoia, a new album released on Lefse Records in late february) and post-metal ISIS, who announced the launch of a Bandcamp page featuring all six ISIS’ live albums. naturally, the unfamous heptad contains as well a noisy fragment thanks to Mondkopf, who presents Need to Control, a deliciously loud piece excerpt from an EP untitled Combo Skin released on Broken Call Records.

disquiet is also present on this sampler with Boobs of DOOM, and a very cinematic piece which anticipates a merry ending despite the title (The Ice Stone Has Melted!). Anne Imhof, on the contrary, blows hot and cold, and mostly cold, with Parade Music. adding this song to the unfamous heptad was not an easy decision to make. we were indeed pretty impressed to discover the artist at the Hamburger Bahnhof, whose 3-part opera Angst II gave us a concrete expression to our doomsday fears. a scaremongering but beautiful experience, mostly supported by her musical collaborator Billy Bultheel.

and if you are in need of vocalists, the tender and profound voice of Sara Vondraskova, aka Never Sol, will hopefully mesmerise your ears, as it spellbound ours. the superb synth folk singer/songwriter from prague paired lately with the Elpida Choir to produce a beautiful, melancholic song entitled Nur. also a bit melancholic, but with resolute psychedelic waves, The Sun Ship, taken from The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s EP released on Cargo Records in september, should provide you with the tenderness needed for the time being; a tenderness common to Feather Beds, a band from dublin who released lately Play Dead on Fat Cat Records, a first single taken from the second album which will be released in 2017.

the unfamous heptad is again a new musical experience, in which you may plunge with grace and appetite to prolong the summer.