The Hour After Sunset

the nugget of the day goes to Ensemble Economique’s demo The Hour After Sunset, a new track that Brian Pyle (half of Starving Weirdos) published a few minutes ago, directly inspired by his brainy and shining thirst for cinematic, droning glides. this amazing outer-space track goes directly to the head, providing perfect disquieting pedal effects that seem to set the imperativeness of an immediate action. The Hour After Sunset is a perfect companion to a quiet but enrapture evening.

Ensemble Economique has released his 12th album In Silhouette on Denovali Records in late march, and despite the fact we haven’t listened to it yet in its entirety, the new album depicts strong images of some ethereal wide grey yonder, made of subtle textures suspended in the air, which are ready to blossom into a mass of weightless flowers.

we were very lucky to discover Ensemble Economique at Denovali Swingfest Essen in 2014, and since we are genuine fans of EEc’s heady atmospheres, we invite you to open your ears (and eyes) to this handsome live concert captured at the Les Yper Yper Gallery on the same year.