Month: August, 2017

Fugazi vs. Minus The Bear

yearning for Fugazi, we rummaged in the web to find some possible live footages of the post-hardcore band, as we found this incredibly refreshing version of Waiting Room, filmed by Jim Spellman in 1988 at wilson centre, in Washington D.C. originally recorded on the very same year, the track was however released first in 2014 in First Demo, a collection of 10 tracks taken from the original demo tape that is depicted more or less as the last Fugazi’s album to date.

despite the poor quality of both the video and sound, the nutty vitality exuded by the legendary band is truly enjoyable, especially when you get to know the considerable number of covers that circulate on the web (among others, Arcade Fire, TV On The Radio and Red Hot Chili Peppers).

the vivid energy spread by the band and the audience singing in collusion, this mordant outlet is so exhilarating punk that it contrasts admirably with the cover offered by Minus The Bear. a bit spick-and-span, this version is nevertheless invigorating in a gentle and somehow funny way.


Behind the Shadow Drops

Behind the Shadow Drops is the new solo project of Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto, founding guitarist of the fantastic instrumental band MONO. formed in 2016, the project integrates many different forms of music, most notably ambient, trip-hop and other minimal musical elements, and will soon give birth to a first album named H a r m o n I c.

expected on 22th september on Temporary Residence, the album features drums, percussion and programming by John McEntire (Tortoise and The Sea And The Cake) who also mixed the album, as well the fabulous Helen Money, a very impressive rock cellist, who toured with Russian Circles last year.

the first single Positive Shadow, Negative Light directed by Julien Levy offers us an elegant spectral journey under the stars.

you may pre-order H a r m o n i c  by clicking on the above album cover.

Hiss Spun

the sumptuous Chelsea Wolfe is treating us with a new video entitled 16 Psyche, a second excerpt taken from her sixth album Hiss Spun, out on 22nd september on Sargent House. you will probably notice the presence of Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens Of The Stone Age’s sensational guitarist) who supports Wolfe on lead guitar. Hiss Spun features also bandmate Ben Chisholm on bass, piano and electronics, and drummer Jess Gowrie (from Happy Fangs), a long-time companion who reunites with the goth-folk songwriter for the occasion.

the deep-howling voice of Aaron Turner (singer for Isis) also accompanies Wolfe’s childish vocal part on Vex, the first single unveiled at the beginning of the month.

we invite you to read the enlightening interview that Wolfe gave to Noisey, in which she unfolds Hiss Spun‘s genesis. the new album can be preordered here.