Month: March, 2018

Loscil’s Boreal

in 2016, Monument Builders, Loscil‘s 11th album to date, had shaken the pond with a boundless, high-spiritual beauty. Scott Morgan, who acts behind the moniker of Loscil and was also the drummer of the amazing indie band Destroyer, has been writing experimental, ambient music from his homeland in vacouver, canada, since 1998. unsurprisingly, his contemplative music is housed at Kranky, one of best labels, if not the greatest, dedicated to this very kind of music that scorns confined boundaries and wanders towards puzzling, yet appealing, unlimited landscapes.

Loscil has just released a graceful composition entitled Boreal. this beautiful piece of reverie and escapement was created using samples from Glenn Gould’s former Steinway Piano – CD318, which is currently housed at the National Arts Centre in ottawa. Boreal is an excerpt from a set created for Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Glenn Gould gathering held in tokyo in december of 2017 and we sincerely hope it may spark off a new captivating album.


Pale Grey

bosom friends of melancholy, heady bum-swinging melodies and musical experiments, they will for sure greatly rejoice to discover Pale Grey‘s music. the pond got hooked today by the band’s most recent song entitled Late Night featuring the terrific voice (and phrasing) of Serengeti, one of the pond’s favourite rappers.

the four-headed belgian band published last year a very elegant EP entitled Ghost via Jaune Orange and has just released Waves, a very inspired second album on which indie pop, electronica and groove pair admirably with hip hop, but also abstract notes and evident spleen. the band’s new album is a logical follow-up of their 2013’s Best Friends that contained already very valuable and peerless melodies. Pale Grey’s post-rock stimulus has been evidently eclipsed by more incisive shining indie tunes and thoughtful compositions.

Waves is a sparkling wonder, the perfect nonesuch to wait for the spring. you can listen to it entirely and purchase it here.