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Fugazi vs. Minus The Bear

yearning for Fugazi, we rummaged in the web to find some possible live footages of the post-hardcore band, as we found this incredibly refreshing version of Waiting Room, filmed by Jim Spellman in 1988 at wilson centre, in Washington D.C. originally recorded on the very same year, the track was however released first in 2014 in First Demo, a collection of 10 tracks taken from the original demo tape that is depicted more or less as the last Fugazi’s album to date.

despite the poor quality of both the video and sound, the nutty vitality exuded by the legendary band is truly enjoyable, especially when you get to know the considerable number of covers that circulate on the web (among others, Arcade Fire, TV On The Radio and Red Hot Chili Peppers).

the vivid energy spread by the band and the audience singing in collusion, this mordant outlet is so exhilarating punk that it contrasts admirably with the cover offered by Minus The Bear. a bit spick-and-span, this version is nevertheless invigorating in a gentle and somehow funny way.


Separation/Serf to Serf

No Age have shared a new song called Serf to Serf, the B-side of a new 7-inch released this month. since 2013’s An Object, the band had self-pressed a CD-R titled Barely Mixed, No Master that the band sold during their US tour in 2015. reunited for you today, you can stream the Separation and Serf to Serf below.

and cherry on the cake, Randy Randall and Dean Spunt, who are freshly back from their tour in norway, announced today a new, forthcoming album.


if you need a new haircut or just to refresh your mind, or alternatively to expel the rage you accumulated today, we recommend you to watch this impressive and abrasive version of METZ’s Eraser, commissioned by Pitchfork and GoPro. beware, it’s not for the squeamish.


Mike & The Melvins

when The Melvins pair with Mike Kunka (godheadSilo), you may expect Three Men and a Baby. the forthcoming album is expected on 1st April via Sub Pop.

Hold On

after the acclaimed reissue on last february of Half Japanese‘s Music to Strip By (1987), Charmed Life (1988) and The Band That Would Be King (1989), the band announced the release of Perfect, a new album expected on january 22 on Joyful Noise Recordings.

this mythic lo-fi, punk, alternative rock band founded in 1974 by brothers Jad and David Fair has already released around 30 albums but it seems nothing can’t stop the band from writing amazing songs. after the over-enjoyable Overjoyed (2014), we are just yearning for this new possible wonder.

but for now, let’s enjoy Hold On shared today by the band.

Spit You Out!

bored of your neighbour’s amateur music?
sick of people’ dumbness and stupidity?
hate for bigotry?
disgust for political environmental hypocrisy?
apodictic necessity to expel some rage against revolting election results?

follow Metz‘s example, and Spit You Out (loud).

METZ’s upcoming Eraser

METZ has just lashed out on a new single called Eraser / Pure Auto. both songs were produced by METZ, recorded by Graham Walsh at Union Sound Company, and mastered by Matthew Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Service. 

the new baby will be available January 22nd, 2016 on 7” vinyl from Three One G Records and digitally from Sub Pop.

Spain’s I do

among our 90’s very favourites, Spain have a very important to play, oh yes. this is Josh Haden himself, bassist and singer (and composer) of Spain, who helped the frog to reveal for good its appetite for musical melancholy. to make it short, Josh Haden’s voice, texts and melodies are willing to make any amphibians to both crumble and exult with happiness, no less! we will tell you more about it in details very soon.

but for now, Josh, along with Spain’s Kenny Lyon on electric and acoustic guitars, released today I Do –a song dedicated to and in support of marriage equality. all profits from the sale of I Do go to Marriage Equality USA and the Human Rights Campaign.

for more information visit the Spain Bandcamp.