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Mogwai’s KIN soundtrack

the tireless and amazing Mogwai announce today the forthcoming release of KIN: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, which is due for release on 31st august via their Rock Action Records label. the band invites us to discover already two very appealing new songs, on one hand, the very shoe-gazing We’re Not Done, a new contagious, and cheerful, singalong melody,

and also the dreamlike, but very intense, Donuts that sees Mogwai carrying on their beguiling journey to the outer space.

the original score was made for Jonathan and Josh Baker‘s debut film, which release is also expected on 31st august. available on CD, digital and heavyweight black vinyl, this new soundtrack is available to pre order now at


Mogwai’s eternal panther

while listening to a few albums on Temporary Residence’s bandcamp (that generously offer a free streaming of their almost entire roaster), we discovered the single of Party in the Dark released by Mogwai last summer prior to the release of Every Country’s Sun, which we didn’t know nor had heard of.

this single contains one of the most singalong melodies written by the band and is accompanied by Eternal Panther, a very interesting B-Side that doesn’t appear on Mogwai’s 9th album. for the first time, Stuart Braithwaite (guitarist/vocalist) sings well-hearty, uncovered, unfiltered, without special effect but his only voice. interpreted with an apodictic determination, the message provided by this seldom-heard voice is intensified by distorted, hasty guitars, heady keyboard notes and very frantic drums. 2 minutes and 43 seconds of eruptive la-la-la-rock, with a striking New Order touch.

APTBS announce Pinned

oh joy, A Place To Bury Strangers released today a new song on their bandcamp page entitled Never Coming Back that announced Pinned, a new album coming out april 13rd via Dead Oceans. any enlightened ears will for sure notice the female voice contributing to Ackerman’s usual chocked (mesmerizing) phrasing – a voice that belongs to Lia Simone Braswell, APTBS’s new drummer.

explaining Braswell’s arrival in the band, Ackerman pointed it out (that)

“being a band for ten years, it’s hard to keep things moving forward. i see so many bands that have been around and they’re a weaker version of what they used to be. this band is anti-that. we try to push ourselves constantly, with the live shows and the recordings. we always want to get better. you’ve got to dig deep and take chances, and sometimes, i questioned that. it took really breaking through to make it work. i think we did that.”

Pinned‘s both LP and CD bundles can already be pre-ordered here and here. the tracklist so far is the following:

1. Never Coming Back
2. Execution
3. There’s Only One Of Us
4. Situations Changes
5. Too Tough To Kill
6. Frustrated Operator
7. Look Me In The Eye
8. Was It Electric
9. I Know I’ve Done Bad Things
10. Act Your Age
11. Attitude
12. Keep Moving On

as usual, the band will tour extensively in the USA and in Europe, with as essential stop at the pond on May 7th. all the tour dates are available on Dead Oceans website.

and, last but not least, Never Coming Back exists also under the form of a video directed by Oliver Ackermann himself and Ebru Yildiz.

Mark Lanegan Band’s Nocturne

it’s been a while.

Mark Lanegan Band will release Gargoyle on 28th april on Heavenly Recordings, three years after the radiant Phantom Radio.


the 10-track LP features guest appearances from long-term and first-class collaborators such as Josh Homme, Greg Dulli and Duke Garwood.

Nocturne, the first single, lives up to its name and is best served at a full moon. with your headset on, this heady, fantastic song will take you company magnificently.

Boobs of DOOM

five seconds was the precise time we needed to get hooked on to what can be described as “Portishead having an argument with Mogwai at a Sunn O))) concert”, as the band reports it better. a genius mix of doom, grime, psychedelic, drone, stoner, rock and hop that snatched our ears with a violence and a dictation comparable to a hornet campaign ready to defeat the most dreadful monsanto herbicide. a savage vibrato originated from an electrifying scottish band.

boobs of DOOM

born along the luxuriant riviera of glasgow, Boobs of DOOM is the brainchild of Sadsack Macdoom and Thumper, two funny blokes who met while playing online to World of WarCraft  in 2008. yes, you read it properly, it happens that video game addiction may inspire brilliant tunes, and not insignificant ones.

the exciting thing about Boobs of DOOM lies in the clever mixture of layers and sounds that the band superposes in abundance, but without debauchery.
their latest dazzling mix D(((O)))(((O)))MHAMMER. is a genuine example of the number of coatings manipulated by these damn talented war crafters. 20 proper minutes of dirty vibes, a rightful threatening ascension to a heart-warming corrupted planet, where music and noise buzz gracefully.

Boobs of DOOM’s music is therefore made of different shades, such as in Bramblescar, Mankrik’s Fury Unending, where the duet jumps on arabian one-humped camels, inviting snakes and trap-door spiders to follow suit to an endless hole radiated by the sun. or in Ampulex Dementor Politique from their album 06. (((BLACK HOLE))) released in 2015 – an electro-drone apocalyptic composition that could soundtrack the most deranged zombi film or doomsday scenario. speaking of films, the duo actually describes himself as ‘morbid misanthropes, trying to soundtrack the end of the world’. and they seem to be pretty talented at it.

on last june, Boobs of DOOM self-released 07. (((WHITE NOISE))), an album which takes us to the bristol coast and spreads a vibrant trip hop echo, dear to the 90’s. our ears are nevertheless invited to plan over unctuous dark lakes, where no bird would venture to fly, but may offer a solid foundation to Stanisław Lem’s Solaris (especially, nihilism: thanks for nothing…).

07. (((WHITE NOISE))) gives the impression of a sunny coastal border befouled by a sank-off tanker, despite balmy layers of unsullied sands. occasionally, the horizon gets a little bit brighter, notably in the opening of 00101110 01100100 01000001 01100101 01100100 00100000 01010011 01001001 00100000 01101110 01001111 01100111 01000101 *error404* (we hope you enjoy the title as much as we do): a rainy curtain sounds like riding the surroundings of some sort of glumly grime. successively, a gentle, obsessive guitar line provides a brighter reflection to filthy vibrations, revealing a possible colour-like rainbow.

the half darken spell of this new album is confirmed by dream of she, which shows clear reminiscences of the aforementioned 90’s bristol sound. a muffled tune is chaperoned by a muted trumpet and a few clear guitar notes, conveying to the song a mellow, heady tune that, eventually, adorns with a sooty cover reinforced by a saturated guitar and ghostly vocals.

so, darkness, intimidation and warmth are on the agenda of this delectable seventh album. it happens also that drones vanish very briefly to calm down a possible addiction to this greasy sound. the only two-second break in the middle of know yr place, stupid hyoomaan! is absolutely thrilling, as if a cotton bud had liberated our ears from a permanent drain plug. yet we shouldn’t make a mistake about it: noise abides until the end, regardless of the gentleness relayed by the unexpected the great northern psychedelic cull that complete the journey to this honey-tongued odyssey in restrained rage and splendour. the song culminates with an amusing nasal voice pointing out “that’s because we are scottish”.

we have now come full circle and deduce that this inspired auto-produced duo deserves greatly to find a proper home in order to release their music. so, in the meanwhile you can treat yourself with their fascinating tracks and albums here.

Gizehcast #29

the 29th edition of the Gizehcast is dedicated to Geneviève Elverum, who provided guest vocals to Aidan Baker on his Already Drowning album released by Gizeh Records in 2013 and passed away tragically. visual artist, cartoonist and musician, Geneviève Elverum worked under the names Woelv and Ô Paon, and released music for the likes of K Records and P.W. Elverum & Sun. admittedly the pond only discovered her at reading the obituary on Gizeh Records website, but we got to know that she was Phil Elverum‘s wife (Mount Eerie, the Microphones).

the delicate titles compiled for this new sampler present tracks from Dirty Three, Suuns, Oiseaux-Tempête, Greg Haines, and also a few songs taken from the label roster, such as Shield Patterns (Dusk) or Christine Ott’s Szczecin. #29 is again the occasion to discover the lush catalogue of the british label, along with sibling bands who match together well.

you may subscribe to the whole series for free in iTunes or follow the Gizehcast on mixcloud.

chirping in the rain

if by any chance, your water lily isn’t favoured by chirpy crickets at this period of the year, the frog offers you a non-less chirpy alternative under the form of a music sampling, that will hopefully charm your delicate ears. the twenty-or-so songs compiled by the frog are among the best songs that have been released recently.

chirping, our july sampler, features a few very fine bands, such as the amazing finnish kraut band K-X-P, whose gig in brighton produced a disobedient feverishness to the frog, and also the bewildering psychedelic Night Beats that we also discovered live at The Great Escape Festival this summer. also on this sampler, Night Beasts’ roaster pals, The Wytches, who will release their second album All Your Happy Life, on Heavenly Recordings, on 30th september.


this sampler presents also the best mouthpieces of Sargent House‘s catalogue: the fantastic Russian Circles, whose new album Guidance will be released at the end of the week; the poignant, beautiful Chelsea Wolfe, whose EP Hypnos/Flame was released in april; Boris, a punchy progressive band from japan whose new album Pink is a genuine guitar bomb, and Wovenhand, a first-rate rock, gothic songwriter, which dark-raging album Refractory Abdurate had electrified the frog in 2014, and who will release his new LP Come Brave in september.

chirping also introduces MJ Guider, a newcomer at Kranky, whose compelling début Precious Systems is out now. besides, a few new releases by Denovali, with another remarkable shot by Ricardo Donoso and a very tender song by Kuba Kapsa Ensemble. and last but not least, two newcomers on Constellation who will release their first albums on 30th september: Jason Sharp and his debut Boat Upon Its Blood, an experimental composer and saxophonist from montreal, and Off Word, a new project featuring Sandro Perri, Susumu Mukai (Zongamin) and M J Silver (Mickey Moonlight), with an album entitled 1.

in short, this sampler sums up our favourites among this month’s songs, so forget about crickets and let yourself chirp joyously.

The Vinylizer

if you happen to follow the frog on facebook, you may have noticed that every thursday evening, or better said, every possible thursday, is dedicated to an amazing radio session compiled and orchestrated brilliantly by The Vinylizer, aka Marcus Maack, a bass-music dj from hamburg, whose repertoire praises dubstep, footwork, jungle but also “Music for the Masses”, well, danceable Disco-House-HipHop-Reggae-Shit, as he describes it himself.

broadcast on thursdays from 9pm to 10pm on ByteFM – a first-class online radio born in hamburg and supported (= financed) by subscribers only –, BTTB (the shorter form for “Back To The Basics”) is a milestone in ByteFM’s weekly program and has been on air since 1992 on various radio stations. mostly focused on dubstep, hip hop, trip hop, downtempo and anything doing with drum and bass, the program exudes a warm air and overwhelming slow-motion tunes. occasionally, BTTB squeezes out also a few very enjoyable dark beats that serves with distinction the frog’s shadowy soul.

Marcus released peu à peu the mixes he arranged in the past, so, today we are happy to share with you an exquisite, smooth night-lounge mash-up dated 2003, featuring a few VIPs from the bristol riviera. the perfect companion to a comfy, elegant summer sunset.