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Mark Lanegan Band’s Nocturne

it’s been a while.

Mark Lanegan Band will release Gargoyle on 28th april on Heavenly Recordings, three years after the radiant Phantom Radio.


the 10-track LP features guest appearances from long-term and first-class collaborators such as Josh Homme, Greg Dulli and Duke Garwood.

Nocturne, the first single, lives up to its name and is best served at a full moon. with your headset on, this heady, fantastic song will take you company magnificently.


Separation/Serf to Serf

No Age have shared a new song called Serf to Serf, the B-side of a new 7-inch released this month. since 2013’s An Object, the band had self-pressed a CD-R titled Barely Mixed, No Master that the band sold during their US tour in 2015. reunited for you today, you can stream the Separation and Serf to Serf below.

and cherry on the cake, Randy Randall and Dean Spunt, who are freshly back from their tour in norway, announced today a new, forthcoming album.

more on Boobs of DOOM

an echo from Boobs of DOOM’s website (congrats guys!).

issue 391 of THE WIRE magazine features an interview peeking behind the curtain of DOOM with this (again) amazing band. they talk to Joseph Stannard aboot comics, ‘cultural totems’ and other insperado ro…

Source: Boobs of DOOM in THE WIRE this month!

Esben and the Witch


Esben And The Witch have just premièred their new track Sylvan on TeamRock.

the band who has now made the pond their home will release their 4th album Older Terrors on november 4 via Season Of Mist. the tracklist comprises four songs, among which the 13-minute aforementioned song.

1. Sylvan
2. Marking the Heart of a Serpent
3. The Wolf’s Sun
4. The Reverist

EATW gave a little bit more details about this new album that will for sure magnify Season of Mist’s metal roster.

“Older Terrors was written and recorded over the course of a year in Berlin, our adopted home. We’ve spent eight years getting here, sweating on stages, holed up in studios and exploring all that which inspires awe and terror.

“The album features four tracks. In this digital age of music we wanted to create a collection that worked together but could also be separated, each track standing alone, carving its own path and telling its own tale.

“This record is dedicated to the sublime. To Edward Young’s Night Thoughts, John Martin’s apocalyptic visions, Caspar David Friedrich’s forays into the forest and to the sparks of light that glimmer in times of utter darkness.”

pg.lost’s Versus

oh wonder.


pg.lost announced the release of their new album Versus via Pelagic Records, the new label the band had signed to in late april (the label of The Ocean and german distributor of Mono, Cult of Luna, Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving, Wang Wen, Kohma, among others).

expected on 16th september, Versus is announced as a “true post-rock masterpiece, an album loaded with great melancholy, heaviness and catchy musical ideas delivered in an incredible density of sound”. the band also announced a forthcoming asian tour, so we hope to see them very soon again in the pond.

We’ve Come So Far

A Place To Bury Strangers offered a resonating, rightful conclusion to Death By Audio (DBA)  – a former warehouse space in brooklyn dedicated to artists and musicians. initiated by Oliver Ackermann (APTBS’s guitarist and singer) in 2002, the place took its name from the boutique effects pedal company created also by Ackerman, which reputation is firmly established among noise bands and guitar fans.

the band said their last goodbyes to the space in 2014 and Matthew Conboy filmed their music video for the new single We’ve Come So Far, from their latest album Transfixiation. please set the volume at the maximum before clicking on the play button.


fit for the summer (3)

last year, we initiated a post category called fit for the summer, aiming at sculpting your bum while listening to good music. if the future of this chronicle didn’t meet the expectations we had to pick up alluring tree frogs or fire salamanders, a new summer is at our doors. this is why it is time to come back with some light, enjoyable music (before offering your very ears some loud, devilish vibes…), in the very person of two gentlemen who do not seem to care about brexit.

today the exercise consists of free-dancing movements orchestrated by pairs.

the dancers are Miles Kane and Alex Turner, from The Last Shadow Puppets.
the video was made by Saam Farahmand.
the choreographer is Aaron Sillis.
the music is Miracle Aligner, a shiny and tender song from TLSP’s latest album, Everything You’ve Come To Expect.

you may agree that our dancers seem more concerned by singing than dancing, especially mr. Turner, whose hips show less fluidity and oscillations than mr. Kane’s. if this latter doesn’t show off, he seems to be skilful and prone to seduce his amateur partner. so, please, do show some confidence while practising and notice that the use of a table is not compulsory.

Mood Trials

oh, the tigers again. another track from Papier Tigre’s forthcoming The Screw, expected by the end of the month. Mood Trials unfastens with a biting bass line sublimed by raging lyrics and a touch of electronic vibes that, in the end, convey some fake bird-like grace to the track. if you need to explode, this is your very chance to do it in splendour.

Quai de l’Exil


on 13rd may, Oiseaux-Tempête will release another quintessential, apodictic record entitled UNWORKS & RARITIES, announced by Sub Rosa as the first volume of a series compiling unreleased and miscellaneous pieces from the band.

Quai de l’Exil is the first excerpt of this new much anticipated album, with guest appearance of Christine Ott (ondes martenot), Sylvain Joasson (percussions), Jean-Michel Pirès (drums) and again, the fantastic G.W.Sok.

we just can’t wait.


Chelsea Wolfe at NPR

the bewitching Chelsea Wolfe visited NPR’s Tiny Desk to offer us a wonder beyond words.

taken from her unspeakable metallic beauty entitled Abyss released last year, three magnificent songs (Maw, Crazy Love and Iron Moon) epitomise with gracefulness Chelsea Wolfe’s music and magic darkness, in which lonesomeness has a place of honour.

a genuine blessing.