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fit for the summer (3)

last year, we initiated a post category called fit for the summer, aiming at sculpting your bum while listening to good music. if the future of this chronicle didn’t meet the expectations we had to pick up alluring tree frogs or fire salamanders, a new summer is at our doors. this is why it is time to come back with some light, enjoyable music (before offering your very ears some loud, devilish vibes…), in the very person of two gentlemen who do not seem to care about brexit.

today the exercise consists of free-dancing movements orchestrated by pairs.

the dancers are Miles Kane and Alex Turner, from The Last Shadow Puppets.
the video was made by Saam Farahmand.
the choreographer is Aaron Sillis.
the music is Miracle Aligner, a shiny and tender song from TLSP’s latest album, Everything You’ve Come To Expect.

you may agree that our dancers seem more concerned by singing than dancing, especially mr. Turner, whose hips show less fluidity and oscillations than mr. Kane’s. if this latter doesn’t show off, he seems to be skilful and prone to seduce his amateur partner. so, please, do show some confidence while practising and notice that the use of a table is not compulsory.


fit for the summer (2)

the summer’s here, you probably noticed it. but it’s not too late to shine like a bright star on your water lily.

today, we have a master dance teacher at our service. a major one and a terrific musician/singer. ladies and gentlemen, be prepared to move your bum generously because today you will learn to move each part of your body properly.

the dancer is Thom Yorke.
the video was made by Garth Jennings.
the choreographer is Wayne McGregor.
the music is Lotus Flower, a killing dancing song from Radiohead’s The King of Limbs.

don’t be afraid of the technical part of the exercise and make sure you don’t get hypnotised by Mr. Yorke’s devilish swaying.

fit for the summer (1)

riding on the wave of news related to The Dodos, the ponds offers you today some physical exercises to enter the summer in top condition without following any yoga or fitness sessions, but rather swaying your well-padded hips with upper-crust dance teachers.

yes, today, we are delighted to invite you to a (modern) ballet discovery with the graceful Dodos.

the dancers are Meric Long and Logan Kroeber.
the video was made by Tyler McPherron.
the music is Competition, a spruce song from The Dodos’ last album Individ.

make sure to watch the video once and then follow Meric’s gestures.
if appropriate, do not hesitate to watch the video and practice the exercise several times.