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The Vinylizer

if you happen to follow the frog on facebook, you may have noticed that every thursday evening, or better said, every possible thursday, is dedicated to an amazing radio session compiled and orchestrated brilliantly by The Vinylizer, aka Marcus Maack, a bass-music dj from hamburg, whose repertoire praises dubstep, footwork, jungle but also “Music for the Masses”, well, danceable Disco-House-HipHop-Reggae-Shit, as he describes it himself.

broadcast on thursdays from 9pm to 10pm on ByteFM – a first-class online radio born in hamburg and supported (= financed) by subscribers only –, BTTB (the shorter form for “Back To The Basics”) is a milestone in ByteFM’s weekly program and has been on air since 1992 on various radio stations. mostly focused on dubstep, hip hop, trip hop, downtempo and anything doing with drum and bass, the program exudes a warm air and overwhelming slow-motion tunes. occasionally, BTTB squeezes out also a few very enjoyable dark beats that serves with distinction the frog’s shadowy soul.

Marcus released peu à peu the mixes he arranged in the past, so, today we are happy to share with you an exquisite, smooth night-lounge mash-up dated 2003, featuring a few VIPs from the bristol riviera. the perfect companion to a comfy, elegant summer sunset.


the reason why (4)


the reason why (3)


the reason why (2)


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the reason why

the reason why (we love)

is the name of our new column to celebrate the snowy spring.
welcome, buddy.