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more on Boobs of DOOM

an echo from Boobs of DOOM’s website (congrats guys!).

issue 391 of THE WIRE magazine features an interview peeking behind the curtain of DOOM with this (again) amazing band. they talk to Joseph Stannard aboot comics, ‘cultural totems’ and other insperado ro…

Source: Boobs of DOOM in THE WIRE this month!


Gizehcast #29

the 29th edition of the Gizehcast is dedicated to Geneviève Elverum, who provided guest vocals to Aidan Baker on his Already Drowning album released by Gizeh Records in 2013 and passed away tragically. visual artist, cartoonist and musician, Geneviève Elverum worked under the names Woelv and Ô Paon, and released music for the likes of K Records and P.W. Elverum & Sun. admittedly the pond only discovered her at reading the obituary on Gizeh Records website, but we got to know that she was Phil Elverum‘s wife (Mount Eerie, the Microphones).

the delicate titles compiled for this new sampler present tracks from Dirty Three, Suuns, Oiseaux-Tempête, Greg Haines, and also a few songs taken from the label roster, such as Shield Patterns (Dusk) or Christine Ott’s Szczecin. #29 is again the occasion to discover the lush catalogue of the british label, along with sibling bands who match together well.

you may subscribe to the whole series for free in iTunes or follow the Gizehcast on mixcloud.

Ricardo Donoso ~ Quintessence

a closer listen

QuintessenceRicardo Donoso has established a sublime symbiotic relationship with Denovali.  After the success of Saravá Exu and Machine to Machine, the label rewarded his talent with a compilation of early works and a remix set.  Now the artist has returned with an ambitious EP.  Quintessence is the glass representation of a HUGE installation from Florence To:  a dome containing 157 speakers, comprising a 39.4 channel surround sound system.  And while this exposes the paucity of most home systems (four channels at best), there is a way to get around the dilemma:  play the music really loud.

An industrial influence is clearly felt, as it was on prior albums.  But on Quintessence, the crunchy beats and aggressive drones feed into a larger system.  The set is meant to be viewed as a single organism rather than a series of tracks.  The center cell is the most active, but even…

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pg.lost’s key

echoing our gig review of pg.lost, a very interesting analyse of their last album Key. thank you White Noys.

White Noys

04 May 2012
Studio Hufvudstaden, Sweden
Black Star Foundation
Mattias Bhatt, guitar
Martin Hjertstedt, drums
Gustav Almberg, guitar
Kristian Karlsson, bass/vocals

Subtitle: going steady with a band.

When a band releases more than one good albums, that’s it, I’m sold*. I become a fan**, searching obsessively on the internet for announcements of live dates, forcing youtube videos on friends, anticipating new stuff etc. I like these clingy relationships with my favourite artists.

pg.lost released this a few months after I had literally melted In never out [’09] into my brain. That one used a template: one or two strong themes for each track that the band got the most out of. Deeply disquieting “quiet” parts followed by the most epic treatment possible, gradually increasing the energy level until we feel we are flying or dying or something. It sounds simple, but the band is…

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