Papier Tigre’s Mood Trials

we don’t know whether you ever had the idea to observe a drummer upside down, but Papier Tigre did!

the video directed by Julien Courquin explores Pierre-Antoine Parois inside out with Mood Trials, a delicious track taken from Papier Tigre’s last album released in april on Murailles Record.

the unfamous heptad

as worn-out tree leaves pirouette in the air, trumpeting in honour of the most sublime, melancholic season of the year, the pond lays in a stock of new music intended to keep you warm, and enjoy both the autumn and the slow glissade towards winter.

the unfamous heptad compiles a-twenty-or-so songs that disperse temperamental drops of emotions, and offer variations of non-fake sensations. as usual, you will possibly discover quiet and meditative songs, such as the beautiful opening by Loscil, the electronic/ambient music project of Scott Morgan, drummer of Destroyer, whose new album Monument Builders is expected on Kranky in november.

the piano is also on the agenda of this new sampler, with a very beautiful song by Rival Consoles, taken from his forthcoming HOWL expected on Erased Tapes, which is introduced by enchanting piano notes reminiscent of Pyramid Song, rejoined quickly by Rival Consoles’ warm and wholehearted sound. this dreamy song offers an excellent resonance to another piece situated a bit further on the sampler, the delicate Abysse by Janek Sprachta, a berliner composer and instrumentalist. more experimental, London-based singer-songwriter and pianist Douglas Dare is about to release Aforger on Erased Tapes too – a second album composed with both a brass ensemble and a choir. if Oh Father‘s sound also captivates you, make sure to attend Douglas Dare’s concert at Berghain on 10th october.

among the habitués of the pond, Saåad, Sunn O))), Mono and Frédéric D. Oberland, and also a remarkable 17-minutes improvisation by Oiseaux-Tempête, will take you off to a fantastic stargazing journey toward the most quivering heavens that encourages a genuine journey to the moon.

to this purpose, it may be appropriate to follow Franz Kirmann‘s side project Hotel International, and his very heady version of James Holden’s Chromatics, which is part of the bum skaking section of the sampler. Fujiya & Miyagi will extend the said whirling effect with Outstripping, the first track from EP2 which comes from the second limited edition 12″ of a 3 EP set, expected on Impossible Objects Of Desire at the end of the month. and Jay Daniel’s Knowledge Of Selfie will for sure persuade you to follow the rhythm of his bombastic song and buzzing bass, taken from his forthcoming album Broken Knowz expected in november via Ninja Tune’s Technicolour imprint.

the very contemplative half of the sampler shows also our regular appetite for biting and raging tunes, with the excellent shoegazing Ulrika Spacek (who are currently touring to promote The Album Paranoia, a new album released on Lefse Records in late february) and post-metal ISIS, who announced the launch of a Bandcamp page featuring all six ISIS’ live albums. naturally, the unfamous heptad contains as well a noisy fragment thanks to Mondkopf, who presents Need to Control, a deliciously loud piece excerpt from an EP untitled Combo Skin released on Broken Call Records.

disquiet is also present on this sampler with Boobs of DOOM, and a very cinematic piece which anticipates a merry ending despite the title (The Ice Stone Has Melted!). Anne Imhof, on the contrary, blows hot and cold, and mostly cold, with Parade Music. adding this song to the unfamous heptad was not an easy decision to make. we were indeed pretty impressed to discover the artist at the Hamburger Bahnhof, whose 3-part opera Angst II gave us a concrete expression to our doomsday fears. a scaremongering but beautiful experience, mostly supported by her musical collaborator Billy Bultheel.

and if you are in need of vocalists, the tender and profound voice of Sara Vondraskova, aka Never Sol, will hopefully mesmerise your ears, as it spellbound ours. the superb synth folk singer/songwriter from prague paired lately with the Elpida Choir to produce a beautiful, melancholic song entitled Nur. also a bit melancholic, but with resolute psychedelic waves, The Sun Ship, taken from The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s EP released on Cargo Records in september, should provide you with the tenderness needed for the time being; a tenderness common to Feather Beds, a band from dublin who released lately Play Dead on Fat Cat Records, a first single taken from the second album which will be released in 2017.

the unfamous heptad is again a new musical experience, in which you may plunge with grace and appetite to prolong the summer.

MONO’s Requiem (for Hell)


the amazing post-rock MONO are back in town, and ready to bath the winter in sunlight with Requiem For Hell, their ninth album expected on 14th october on Temporary Residence in the USA and on Pelagic Records in europe. after touring with Shellac during their japanese tour last year, the band asked Steve Albini to (re)join the forces on the new album, reviving a long collaboration that initiated with Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky (2004) and wound up with the highly-acclaimed Hymn To Immortal Wind (2009). the renewal of the Albini collaboration for Requiem For Hell coincided with the birth of a close friend’s first child (Ely, the daughter of Temporary Residence’s owner), whose actual in utero heartbeat serves as the foundation for the aptly named Ely’s Heartbeat .

unlike their remarkable last double album The Last Dawn / Rays Of Darkness – and especially Rays Of Darkness which was the first album in 15 years to feature no orchestral instruments –, the band decided to introduce strings again, probably because their music has always found inspiration in the coexistence of entangled conflicts, such as love and loss, faith and hopelessness, light and darkness.

the heavy 18-minute title track of Requiem For Hell shows yet that MONO intertwines, with splendour, scary melodies and blazing flight of poetry. the official video published today, which was directed by Harri Haataja, offers a mysterious and disquieting glide path to the song.

Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto, MONO’s lead guitarist and composer, explains shortly the birth of Requiem For Hell:

“This album is a series of songs from a flood of inspirations in 2015. After writing song after song and giving them titles, we stumbled upon Dante’s “Divine Comedy” and the story struck a chord with us. “Divine Comedy” is a story about travelling down to Hell, through to purgatory… this is when we decided to use Gustave Dóre’s illustration from “Divine Comedy”’s last scene as the main cover.”

MONO will head to the pond in november on the occasion of an extensive european tour (in the company of the fantastic Alcest and pg.lost, oh joy, oh glorious evening!) and you can already preorder Requiem For Hell here.


the time has come for a moment of spirituality and reverence, as the pond goes into autumn quarters flood-lighted by generous indian-summer sun beams.

french ambient-drone Saåad return with a new album untitled Verdaillon released this month on In Paradisum. this musical live piece created by Romain Barbot and Gregory Buffier was commissioned by the festivals Les Siestes Électroniques & Toulouse Les Orgues, who offered the band to play on the Puget symphonic pipe organ in the Church of Notre-Dame de la Dalbade, in france.

genuine celestial beauty, this new album doesn’t turn Saåad’s back on drones and samples, and synthesizes the spirit of sacred music, with the support of experimental, electronic sounds. Verdaillon invites you to believe in the beauty of spiritual music, using your own organs of hearing, instead of following the dogmas of faith.

the video shot and directed by Grégoire Orio (As Human Pattern) is an introduction to the recording of the album, and to the magnificent piece of work created by Prosper Moitessier in 1844, which was rebuilt by Eugène Puget in 1927.

Separation/Serf to Serf

No Age have shared a new song called Serf to Serf, the B-side of a new 7-inch released this month. since 2013’s An Object, the band had self-pressed a CD-R titled Barely Mixed, No Master that the band sold during their US tour in 2015. reunited for you today, you can stream the Separation and Serf to Serf below.

and cherry on the cake, Randy Randall and Dean Spunt, who are freshly back from their tour in norway, announced today a new, forthcoming album.

more on Boobs of DOOM

an echo from Boobs of DOOM’s website (congrats guys!).

issue 391 of THE WIRE magazine features an interview peeking behind the curtain of DOOM with this (again) amazing band. they talk to Joseph Stannard aboot comics, ‘cultural totems’ and other insperado ro…

Source: Boobs of DOOM in THE WIRE this month!

Esben and the Witch


Esben And The Witch have just premièred their new track Sylvan on TeamRock.

the band who has now made the pond their home will release their 4th album Older Terrors on november 4 via Season Of Mist. the tracklist comprises four songs, among which the 13-minute aforementioned song.

1. Sylvan
2. Marking the Heart of a Serpent
3. The Wolf’s Sun
4. The Reverist

EATW gave a little bit more details about this new album that will for sure magnify Season of Mist’s metal roster.

“Older Terrors was written and recorded over the course of a year in Berlin, our adopted home. We’ve spent eight years getting here, sweating on stages, holed up in studios and exploring all that which inspires awe and terror.

“The album features four tracks. In this digital age of music we wanted to create a collection that worked together but could also be separated, each track standing alone, carving its own path and telling its own tale.

“This record is dedicated to the sublime. To Edward Young’s Night Thoughts, John Martin’s apocalyptic visions, Caspar David Friedrich’s forays into the forest and to the sparks of light that glimmer in times of utter darkness.”

Boobs of DOOM

five seconds was the precise time we needed to get hooked on to what can be described as “Portishead having an argument with Mogwai at a Sunn O))) concert”, as the band reports it better. a genius mix of doom, grime, psychedelic, drone, stoner, rock and hop that snatched our ears with a violence and a dictation comparable to a hornet campaign ready to defeat the most dreadful monsanto herbicide. a savage vibrato originated from an electrifying scottish band.

boobs of DOOM

born along the luxuriant riviera of glasgow, Boobs of DOOM is the brainchild of Sadsack Macdoom and Thumper, two funny blokes who met while playing online to World of WarCraft  in 2008. yes, you read it properly, it happens that video game addiction may inspire brilliant tunes, and not insignificant ones.

the exciting thing about Boobs of DOOM lies in the clever mixture of layers and sounds that the band superposes in abundance, but without debauchery.
their latest dazzling mix D(((O)))(((O)))MHAMMER. is a genuine example of the number of coatings manipulated by these damn talented war crafters. 20 proper minutes of dirty vibes, a rightful threatening ascension to a heart-warming corrupted planet, where music and noise buzz gracefully.

Boobs of DOOM’s music is therefore made of different shades, such as in Bramblescar, Mankrik’s Fury Unending, where the duet jumps on arabian one-humped camels, inviting snakes and trap-door spiders to follow suit to an endless hole radiated by the sun. or in Ampulex Dementor Politique from their album 06. (((BLACK HOLE))) released in 2015 – an electro-drone apocalyptic composition that could soundtrack the most deranged zombi film or doomsday scenario. speaking of films, the duo actually describes himself as ‘morbid misanthropes, trying to soundtrack the end of the world’. and they seem to be pretty talented at it.

on last june, Boobs of DOOM self-released 07. (((WHITE NOISE))), an album which takes us to the bristol coast and spreads a vibrant trip hop echo, dear to the 90’s. our ears are nevertheless invited to plan over unctuous dark lakes, where no bird would venture to fly, but may offer a solid foundation to Stanisław Lem’s Solaris (especially, nihilism: thanks for nothing…).

07. (((WHITE NOISE))) gives the impression of a sunny coastal border befouled by a sank-off tanker, despite balmy layers of unsullied sands. occasionally, the horizon gets a little bit brighter, notably in the opening of 00101110 01100100 01000001 01100101 01100100 00100000 01010011 01001001 00100000 01101110 01001111 01100111 01000101 *error404* (we hope you enjoy the title as much as we do): a rainy curtain sounds like riding the surroundings of some sort of glumly grime. successively, a gentle, obsessive guitar line provides a brighter reflection to filthy vibrations, revealing a possible colour-like rainbow.

the half darken spell of this new album is confirmed by dream of she, which shows clear reminiscences of the aforementioned 90’s bristol sound. a muffled tune is chaperoned by a muted trumpet and a few clear guitar notes, conveying to the song a mellow, heady tune that, eventually, adorns with a sooty cover reinforced by a saturated guitar and ghostly vocals.

so, darkness, intimidation and warmth are on the agenda of this delectable seventh album. it happens also that drones vanish very briefly to calm down a possible addiction to this greasy sound. the only two-second break in the middle of know yr place, stupid hyoomaan! is absolutely thrilling, as if a cotton bud had liberated our ears from a permanent drain plug. yet we shouldn’t make a mistake about it: noise abides until the end, regardless of the gentleness relayed by the unexpected the great northern psychedelic cull that complete the journey to this honey-tongued odyssey in restrained rage and splendour. the song culminate with an amusing nasal voice pointing out “that’s because we are scottish”.

we have now come full circle and deduce that this inspired auto-produced duo deserves greatly to find a proper home in order to release their music. so, in the meanwhile you can treat yourself with their fascinating tracks and albums here.

Dinosaur Jr’s Tiny

Dinosaur Jr. have issued a new album entitled Give Me A Glimpse Of What Yer Not on august 5th via Jagjaguwar. the band previewed the album by releasing Tiny music video, starring the amazing J Mascis and Beefy, his (no-less amazing) bulldog, who is a damned good skater. yeah.

BBNG’s Weight Off

spending a while with BADBADNOTGOOD is always a genuine treat, especially when warmth and comfort are in need. the canadian jazz-electronica quartet released their remarkable fourth album IV in july on Innovative Leisure Records, which features an amazing collaborative song with Colin Stetson (Confessions Pt II) – a greatly addictive piece.

lately, BADBADNOTGOOD performed Weight Off taken from Kaytranada‘s electro-drums début album 99.9% to which BBNG offered their fantastic jazz vibes. incidentally, Kaytranada also brought his great electro waves to BBNG’s IV, for the track Lavender. this CBC Music First Play Live session was shot at the Hearn Generating Station.